for a flawless tan

● Exfoliate prior to each tanning appointment, preferably with the AGLOW Exfoliating Mitt.

● Avoid using Dove soap.

● Do not apply moisturizer, oils, makeup, or deodorant prior to the appointment.

● Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing and open toe shoe like a flip-flop to the appointment to avoid smudging when putting clothes back on.

● You may wear whatever you feel comfortable in during the appointment. Most clients will go topless wearing a thong or will go totally nude. A dark bathing suit is okay, just be aware of straps smudging the solution. Nursing moms can wear strapless bras or pasties.

● Nails and waxing should be done prior to tanning.


for a flawless tan

● Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing and an open-toe shoe like a flip-flop after the appointment.

● Wait 8 hours before showering for the Original Glow and follow the Rapid Tan Guidelines for the On the Glow.

● Avoid using Dove soap.

● Do not apply oils, or exfoliators, until you are ready to remove the tanning residue.

● Moisturize after every shower to keep skin hydrated.

● Your tan will last approximately 7-10 days with proper care. Apply AGLOW Tan Extender to keep the glow going!


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